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About Cornerstone Bernese Mountain Dogs

Hello Everyone from Cornerstone Bernese Mountain Dogs!

We are Hobby Breeders from a small town in Flat Rock, Illinois. We have been breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs since 2010, and we have to say this is one special breed. We can’t say enough good things about them either. They are loyal, easy to train and so caring towards everyone they are surrounded by. Not only are they are wonderful family dogs with young children, they can also be used as a service dog too, very level headed and well mannered. A hand full of our dogs are K-9 certified therapy dogs as they do their services in the court houses during difficult cases. Their temperament and disposition are wonderful and we aren’t saying that cause we breed them, everyone we talk to say’s the same thing!

We are blessed and grateful to have beautiful and healthy Bernese Mountain Dogs! We have also raised all of our dams and sires since they were puppies whether they have been imported or born here with us here in the states. We have kept females back from our previous litters because our dams have produce healthy pups and we are also breeding for the longevity of our Berners. Grace, Tammy and Junior are now retired and enjoying themselves on our farm! All of our dogs are all OFA certified and or have their Prelims or Pennhip done through OFA. Those again can be found on the OFA website for further clarification, and if you are not able to locate them, we can send you the documentation as we have them on hand. Our dogs are not on Berner-gaurde.

All of our puppies are updated on all of their vaccinations with shots and wormers and will also come with a one year health guarantee. If something happens to the puppy within the year, we will cover it for you. In the blue writing above is a link that you can click on that will access you, so that you are able to see our one year health guarantee. If you are having trouble with it, we can also send you a copy too. Also all of our puppies will come with current health papers from our veterinarian. The puppies will have their dewclaws removed when they are 3-4 days old.

We take a $500 deposit that is nonrefundable to hold your puppy and then we will collect the rest of the money when they are ready to go to their forever homes! When receiving your deposits we only accept Venmo or a cashiers check. When picking up your puppy, we can receive the rest of the payment with a Cashiers Check or Cash only. There will be NO PERSONAL CHECKS for the remaining balance when picking up your puppy! We are asking for a total of $2,800 whether male or female and that’s with NO showing and breeding rights which is limited AKC registration. If you would like breeding and showing rights and full complete AKC registration, then it would $4,000 whether male or female. Please call and or email if you have questions about this! All of our puppies will be registered and then we will give you papers in order for you to register them as AKC. If you are looking into doing a stud service, the fee for our males is $3,000. We like to do everything naturally instead of AI and or shipping semen.

Puppies will go to their new homes at 8 WEEKS, NO SOONER! If you are not able to pick up your puppy at the 8 week mark, we can hold your puppy at an additional cost. Puppies will then recieve further shots and wormers if need be. We are willing to meet by car within 150 miles at no charge. If we are having to travel further than the 150 miles, then it would be a dollar a mile after that. If puppies are needing to be flown via airplane, we do make those accommodations for you, we fly with the puppy, they do not let them fly by themselves or a flight nanny. You will be responsible for our plane ticket plus the puppies plane ticket and those prices will vary. We have also shipped out of the United States before too, but it will cost more than shipping within the US. The airline that we use is United Airlines or Delta Airlines due to the fact that these aircrafts have centralized air conditioning when animals are being shipped. Just let us know ahead of time where you are located also.

Also all of our dogs have been tested for DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), vWD (von Willebrand Disease), have had complete CBC blood panels with thyroid testing included, and also OFA (hips, elbows, joints, heart and eyes). Also if you would like to have your puppies health tested with the DM, vWD, and the SOD1B, we can do those for an extra $150.

We also wanted to share with you all that all of our Bernese Mountain Dogs are on supplements that we give daily. The supplement that we use is called NuVet Plus that you would order offline and the links below provide you with the information on why its a good product and why our dogs are on it. We can also provide you with pictures of the supplements that we are giving them to make it easier for you all so you know what they look like. Since they have been on this supplement as young adults, we have seen a big difference in their energy, skin, coat and the extra protein that they are not getting within their food. Also a lot of people have asked what kind of food we feed our Berners and we feed a brand called TLC. Click the button below, it will let you enjoy the benefits of it.

There has been a lot of recalls on food, and we found out that TLC has been a safe dog food for our Berners to eat. Along with the puppies going to their new homes at 8 weeks, they will have a puppy starter kit, that contains a 1 gallon bag of puppy food, pamphlets with information about the first couple of weeks with your puppy and also other information that explains what the kit is all about!

Learn more about why we use NuVet supplements via the three links below:

Why we recommend NuVet-Plus
The puppy immunity gap
Note about supplements for new puppy parents

Please private message us also to have a one on one conversation. If you also need references from previous buyers, feel free to ask and we would be happy to give them to you all. We are very honest breeders and have nothing to hide. We hope to hear from everyone soon! Thanks again for joining our page and we look forward to helping you finding your next bundle of joy!

If you need to contact either me, Philip or Shelby, please use our Contact Form. You can also reach us by phone:

Philip & Shelby Zehr


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